ENOCHIAN CHESS originates partly from Dr John Dee, magus & astrologer to Elizabeth I. His Enochian system of magic was later adapted by adepts of the Victorian Order of the Golden Dawn into "a complete system of training and initiation."  Enochian Chess  was originally taught to Candidates only after their having reached the grade of Zelator Adeptus Minor, Z.A.M.  Enochian Chess incorporates the whole outer order knowledge of the Golden Dawn hermetic order and subsumes other divination systems such as Tarot, Geomancy, and Astrology. Enochian (aka Rosicrucian) Chess provides a complete method of self-initiation into the Western mystery tradition.You may use the game for practical ACTIVE divination, to alter & influence events as well as to simply predict, as opposed to PASSIVE (fatalistic) divination systems such as Tarot and Astrology where the questioner plays no positive role in determining the outcome of their reading.

We have supplied Enochian Chess sets, books and software to the magical community since 1982, starting with help of a grant from HRH Prince Charles Trust. Some of our original 1980’s sets are still in pristine shape. Our new LAMINATED boards should hopefully last just as long!

"Dear Steve, I have been out of town and out of State for several months, and have just returned home to find you Enochian chess set. I've just opened up the box, and must congratulate you - the boards are beautiful. I'll examine it more closely in the next few days when I have time. (Snip). All the very best, and congratulations. I'll write you later when I've had time to recover from my long absence home. Always."      Francis Israel Regardie, Arizona 7/7/1983

“A Complete system of Initiation and a profound magical philosophy is hidden beneath the  cloak of this apparently trivial game”   The Golden Dawn,  Vol IV.  Francis Israel Regardie




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WB Yeats’s sixteen Enochian Chessboards

17” Ltd 500 ed. Set of 16 WB Yeats’s Chessboards

148 USD                                                        £93 GBP

* REGULAR 13 inch Yeats’s Chess boards printed to the same high finish

(Or inexpensive slightly thinner material) £42 or $70 US

TAROT  of the Four  Worlds Sets
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